No one is better qualified than Phil Kirk for speaking to diverse groups and for various occasions.

Phil Kirk is one of the finest, inspirational, and humorous speakers we’ve ever met.

Phil Kirk is the most informative, motivating and all the while entertaining speaker I have ever heard.  He will give you loads of information while amusing and inspiring you.  My audiences always love Phil.

Phil Kirk is the best informed person in North Carolina concerning critical issues facing our state. You can count on his remarks to be factual, up-to-date, and at the same time, entertaining. If your club or group can get him as your speaker, you will be fortunate indeed.

Phil Kirk should be the #1 choice for your next keynote speaker. Not only is he interesting and informative, he is also exceptionally entertaining. Your audience will be totally captivated!

Phil Kirk provides a unique and truly informative speech on North Carolina and the major issues it faces coupled with insightful humor and audience-pleasing delivery. He received our highest praises for his speech at our Annual Forum.

I have enjoyed working with Phil Kirk over the past seventeen years – both in his capacity as CEO of NCCBI and Chairman of the State Board of Education. He is a listener and an advocate for children, for business, and for North Carolina. I have had many opportunities to hear him speak. He is knowledgeable of government and politics, and can communicate powerful messages using a lot of humor mixed with good old fashioned common sense.

Phil Kirk weaves a unique combination of intelligence, creativity and humor into his presentations. You always feel revived after listening to him. Phil is a Three Thumbs Up speaker!

In his usual eloquent and inimitable style, Kirk packed 15 minutes with more facts and amusing anecdotes than one could count.

I have known Phil Kirk for over 15 years, and I have had numerous occasions to hear Phil give impressive presentations. I look forward to being a member of his audience again.

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk to our Logitech class.  The pearls of wisdom and insight you shared on leadership were the highlight of the week for me.  A lot of your comments truly hit home with me and I wish we could have heard more.
P.S. I’m trying to follow your example and send more thank you notes.

As the host and emcee of The Business Leaders’ Breakfast, I have introduced and listened to more than 50 speakers. Phil Kirk not only drew the largest audience of the program’s history, he is also the most captivating, interesting and entertaining speaker we have ever had. His combination of knowledge, wit and delivery makes him an event organizer’s dream.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard or felt so engaged by a speaker as when in your presence.  You have such a wonderful, down-to-earth approach that allows you to connect with an entire audience as if you were sitting there talking with them personally.  It truly is a gift.  You are a teacher, advisor, coach, and one-man comedy act rolled into one.  As a former Chamber of Commerce Executive, I appreciated your leadership and championship of the Chambers, and now, as an author and speaker, myself, I get to learn from a real pro.  Thanks for all you do to uplift others.

A man of steadfast principle and integrity throughout his career, Phil Kirk not only has done an exceptional job of representing North Carolina’s business and education interests before key decision-makers, but he also has helped broaden the national knowledge base through his contributions to professional societies, such as the Council of State Manufacturers Association and the Council of State Chambers. A true statesman and diplomat, Phil’s experiences in advocacy and public policy further distinguishes him as a resource of incalculable depth. His wisdom, energy, and resolve make him a model for getting good things done right.”

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